Automotive Niche


Automotive default Avatar is M1!

Please Note:  The background in the demo video is a custom sample. The standard background image is what you see in the the product image.

Also, we have many more ready made niches not uploaded. Contact us about your niche and we’ll provide you with a sample.


At we always aim to incorporate the latest technical advancements. That is why we now feature the Next Generation Pro-Quality 3D Lip-Synced Avatars, ideally suitable for Any Niche and Any Language.

After all, countless research proofed the power of video, and consequently we shifted gears and made top notch video production, and video cloud hosting our priority. It’s actually our private hosting that enables us to incorporate, your own ads, social media buttons, email opt-in forms, surveys etc., etc., right within the video itself.

If you’re still on the fence, perhaps you owe yourself a rational question. Considering today’s fast paced environment, and degrading human attention span, can you afford not to employ video? Especially when compares with other services like SEO and the likes, video is a one time investment bargain, and nothing will shift Your Site’s Marketing Power Into Overdrive Like Video!

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