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Alicia smallAlicia is a professional in every sense and enjoys working with businesses to create high-quality promotional content. She is a natural for videos, modeling products, voice recordings, and writing services are what she does best. You can check the descriptions below for a few more details.

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Ideal for a short business introductionGreat value for a one minute script!This option includes research and your website evaluation to creade a most ideal script custom tailored to your niche or business. This also increases production time sometimes up to 10 days!
Price includes writing the script, plus recording and compiling the video according to word count or duration.

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At ProVideos we always aim to incorporate the most qualified human resources, and the best technology to achieve maximum online marketing results. Since countless research proved the power of video, we shifted gears and made top-notch video production, and video cloud hosting our priority. It’s actually our private video hosting that enables us to incorporate, your own ads, social media buttons, email opt-in forms, surveys, etc., etc., right within the video itself.

If you’re still on the fence, perhaps you owe yourself a rational question. Considering today’s fast-paced environment, and degrading human attention span, can you afford not to employ video? Especially when compares with other services like SEO and the likes, video is a one-time investment bargain, and nothing will shift Your Site’s Marketing Power Into Overdrive Like Video!

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Here are some of Alicia’s qualifications

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in PR & Advertising, with a minor in marketing and graduated with honors.

  • Experience! I’ve been writing scripts for over 5 years for thousands of clients all over the world. Not many writers can add that sort of experience to their resume.
  • I have written over 3500 scripts for every industry you can think of
  • I have an excellent grasp of the English language and am skilled at the art of persuasion.


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