It’s been said over and over again that video is the future of content marketing.

It has become a necessary part of marketing strategies as businesses strive to find more innovative ways to grab people’s attention. In order for brands to stay at par with competition in a fast-evolving environment, it seems no longer just an option but a necessity to tell a compelling story and build relationships with customers and prospects through video.

And it’s been proved effective too. Stats show that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Also, 92% of mobile video consumers are likely to share it with their network.

The following samples perhaps will shed a bit more light on the subject!

Moreover, telling a story just isn’t enough unless it is one that the audience wants to hear. To make a video stellar, it needs to be engaging, emotive while also being innovative at the same time. It is hard to keep up with consumer expectations and this may be a reason why many of us are still hesitant to create and use videos as part of our content marketing strategies.

  • So how exactly do we leverage this powerful communication tool?
  • How do we construct a visual language to tell our stories?
  • How do we know what are the future trends in visual communication?

One such concept called Kwickie is changing the way we communicate already. An exciting new way to engage with your audience is here. Digital Women’s Network together with Kwickie brings you an interactive session on 12th April where we discuss all about the changing world of video content, future trends, tips on making the best videos and more.

Video is no longer an up-and-coming marketing tactic. It’s here already!

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